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Margaret V. Holcombe


Margaret Verell Holcombe, Artist


I spent my childhood in Savannah, Georgia. I was always

inspired to paint the beautiful scenery there. My husband Phil

and I have lived in Jonesboro since 1973. I retired from being

an Elementary School art teacher.

I love to see a drawing or painting "show up" right before my eyes.

It was plain white an hour ago, and now it is the beginning of a 

sentimental place or special person that I want to remember forever.



Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree / University of Georgia

Art Teacher Certification / Georgia State University 


"Make-It With Paint" for Adults


We will play with bright color acrylic paint as we create a variety of landscapes and abstract images. It's fun to share ideas and inspiration in a studio space with other artists of all skill levels.


First Creation: "Start with a Sunset"

All Supplies are provided for you. 

*$20 per 3-week session 

*painting  supplies provided

Sponsorships are available!

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