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Chef Tish

Personal Profile

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Chef Tish


Chef Tish serves as the Owner at Whiskytees Grill (food truck) and Bleu Whisky Lounge in Stockbridge Georgia and brings her unique culinary talents to Clayton County. Chef Tish’s first experience with food began cooking in the kitchen with her mom and dad who taught her to truly enjoy the creative process of cooking. 


She draws her culinary inspiration from her passion for uniting people through food.  To her food is about more than  just the taste. It’s also about the emotion you feel when you eat it. Chef  Tish really enjoys experimenting with different types of cuisine and transforming basic dishes into the extraordinary.  Chef Tish menu is heavily influenced by her love for southern cuisine. With each dish she creates, Chef Tish strives to be innovative, yet stay true to her culture to provide an unforgettable dining experience. 


With 26 years of Military experience under her belt she has traveled around the world and volunteered to work in restaurants in different countries just to learn their culture and new techniques.  The techniques that she learned landed her on Food Network show “Grill of Victory “ as well as a guest judge on Master Chef Junior’s. 


Chef Tish has a great passion  of teaching  people how to cook an cooking for people. When you are always learning., you are always improving an that is a great way to live. 


 She mentored a contestant that was featured on Masterchef Juniors and who is currently on the Master Chef Junior Tour. She believes that Cooking is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, comfort ability, empowerment,  love, creativity and  fun.




1. I grew up on a small farm in Evergreen Alabama, where we pretty much grew everything that we ate.


2. I first discovered my love for food when my sister and I was stationed in Korea. She got so sick from missing home. I figured if I could bring a piece of home to her it would make her feel better. So I cooked  her  favorite meal and it not only made het feel better but the smell  of the food made other Soldiers want a plate an they were all sharing stories and eating. That’s when it hit me and I started cooking for the Soldiers every Sunday for 23 years. 



3. I have Two kids, Tiana (22) and Jayden (16).  I also have two dogs Nova and Max. 


4. What is my favorite thing to cook?

I love to cook barbecue.  Every time my dad would light the grill I knew two things;  Family was coming over and I was gonna eat good.  


5. I love feeding the Seniors in the community. Two days a week I do a Seniors breakfast . I just love the history and the stories they tell you about life and food. We really can learn a lot from them. 

Junior Chef Academy 

Course Description 

Junior Chef Challenge


Fall/Winter Session Feature: Fun with Pasta

Join us as we make cooking and learning about food fun! Your child will participate in a hands on cooking session to make pasta from scratch. 

*Take home boxed tool set and recipe card available for purchase for each session

*Cooking supplies/equipment rental included in fee

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